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Chicago Daily Money Manager

  • Timely bill payment

  • Thorough bill review for accuracy / fraud

  • Monthly reconciliation of checking accounts and investment statements

  • Financial records organization

  • Monthly income & expense tracking and analysis

  • Organization of tax documents

  • Manage medical insurance, bills, claims and FSAs

  • Set up "in case of emergency" register including password management system

  • Transition to retirement community

  • Liaise with your accountant, lawyer and financial advisor

  • First consultation free!




Hilary Becker

President and Founder

Your Money Matters


Hilary is the president and founder of Your Money Matters. 


Hilary started YMM with the sole goal of bringing clarity and order to the financial life of her clients so that they can relax and feel confident that their daily finances are under control.


Before starting YMM, Hilary worked for over twenty years in large, international, corporate law firms, primarily in New York in business management roles. She also spent five years working overseas in Hong Kong, Hanoi and Brussels.


Hilary was born and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs. She attended Fordham University in the Bronx and graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy.


She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and two children.

She is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.



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“Working with Hilary has been a lifesaver. By managing both my day-to-day finances as well as my elderly father’s, she has enabled me to be significantly more productive than I ever could’ve imagined. I don’t know how I ever got by without her.”

Mark Aistrope
CEO – Meeting Tomorrow

“I am a life care manager and brought Hilary into an existing client relationship involving family members facing dementia and severe mental disability. She has been fantastic at untangling their finances, making sure their bills are paid, setting up an ABLE account, supporting applications for funding for placement, among numerous other things. She is patient and kind and has also been instrumental in helping my disabled client understand finances. I highly recommend her.”

Lisa Van Dyke, MA, LPC

Arosa Care - Chicagoland

“Following some health issues, I hired Hilary, who in a very short time, has more than paid for herself by bringing my accounts current, getting late fees waived, and identifying questionable charges and then working tirelessly to get them corrected. Furthermore, she is wonderful in providing monthly status reports. I cannot express how much I appreciate her work.” 



“I have been a client of Hilary’s since 2017.  We started in person in Chicago, and now she works remotely since I relocated to North Carolina.  She handles all my business and personal financial activities seamlessly.  I trust her with the most important details of my life and my family’s.”

Randy M.

Commodities futures trader  

“Hilary has been a lifeline for me. She has brought order to the complexities of my finances and allowed me the freedom to put my focus in areas I am more capable.”  

SVP - Mortgage Lending

“Thank you for doing the hard work for my mother and brother.  You have gone above and beyond, especially teaching my disabled brother about personal finance.  You are an important part of his having the kind of life he should have had 30 years ago.”

Noelle Kasdin

Lake Forest IL

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